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Dental Crown Dentistry- Restoring Both Beauty and Function

I’m Dr. Scott Williams and I practice family and cosmetic dentistry in Greeley as well as serving the Eaton, Evans, Windsor, and Kersey CO areas. Dental crown dentistry is an extremely versatile practice area, offering a long-term solution to oral health issues and cosmetic concerns. In simplest terms, a dental crown is a restoration. The anatomy of a tooth is fairly basic: the exposed, visible portion that lies above or below each respective gum line is known as the clinical crown. The clinical crown is in constant daily use and is thus subject to decay, fracture, discoloration, and a host of other undesirable afflictions that can develop through excessive wear and tear.

The Importance of a Dental Crown Dentist

A dental crown is a cemented restoration designed to completely cover the clinical crown and protect it from further crowns dentist greeley coloradoweakening or deterioration. In order to fashion and apply the dental crown, the dentist first numbs the tooth and surrounding gums and shaves the tooth down to accommodate the crown. Then, he makes an impression of the tooth and determines the exact shade of the surrounding teeth in order to ensure the dental crown provides a proper fit, creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance and precisely matches the color of the patient’s other teeth.

Dental crowns have a wide range of applications, addressing both minor and significant oral issues; they are equally useful and effective whether a patient’s problems and concerns are merely cosmetic or more substantive. On the purely aesthetic end of the spectrum, dental crowns are a perfect choice for teeth that are discolored, misshapen, erratically spaced, or that otherwise present an undesirable appearance. The dental crowns can be shaped and colored to fill gaps and match healthy looking teeth, creating a natural-looking and gorgeous smile in the process.

When it comes to more serious issues affecting oral health, dental crowns are just as appropriate. If a patient has a particularly large cavity or has had a root canal, the affected tooth is structurally compromised and prone to fracture. In addition, the damaged tooth can also prove quite painful, especially when it’s in use. A dental crown can fully restore both the appearance and functionality of the damaged tooth, strengthening the tooth in the process and eliminating any residual pain.

As illustrated in the preceding paragraphs, a dental crown dentist offers diverse applications, and the materials used to fabricate dental crowns are similarly varied. The strongest dental crowns employ a metal alloy, which improves durability but at the expense of aesthetics. The most natural looking dental crowns are made of porcelain, but they are also susceptible to damage.

Six Benefits of Dental Crown Dentistry

The top six benefits of crowns dentistry:

– They are customizable and natural-looking, hence they can address virtually any cosmetic problems; they can improve the appearance of cracked, broken, discolored, or misshapen teeth, or even replace a missing tooth (known as a bridge).

– They are extremely durable, lasting upwards of twenty years, depending on how well they are cared for.

– Dental crown dentistry is thoroughly restorative; the crowns restore appearance, function, and even the ability to properly speak and chew.

– They are stain resistant.

– They are cemented onto the clinical crown, so they don’t slip like dentures do, and likewise don’t cause discomfort from shifting around in the mouth or sitting atop the jawbone.

– They inspire renewed self-confidence and convey all the tangible benefits of a bright, beautiful smile.

Dental crowns are extraordinarily helpful in resolving many of the common issues patients are faced with. They are apt as a purely cosmetic measure, but their usefulness extends far beyond mere aesthetics. In order to truly comprehend the numerous benefits of dental crown dentistry as a multifaceted practice, contact Dr. Williams below to schedule an appointment today.


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