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The Importance of Choosing the Right Greeley Family Dentist

I’m Dr. Scott Williams and I practice family and cosmetic dentistry in Greeley as well as serving the Eaton, Evans, Windsor, and Kersey CO areas. Choosing your Greeley family dentist can be a critical decision when it comes to your family’s dental health. Making decisions about your household’s health and wellness are very important and their oral health and dental care are no different. There are many things to consider when looking for a dentist so you can make the right decision for you and your family.

Advantages and Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist:

It’s important to understand the difference between a family dentist and a general dentist. A family dentist provides complete dental care for the whole family whereas a general dentist may treat and provide services to adults only. Some general dentists place restrictions on the ages of the individuals they treat.

A family dentist, on the other hand, welcomes the opportunity to treat the entire family. From toddlers, who are just starting out on their Greeley Family Dentistry needsjourney to good dental health, to geriatrics and everyone else in between, a family dentist enjoys treating every member of the family. Understanding and having a thorough knowledge of a family’s medical and dental history by treating parents and grandparents can prove to be very beneficial when treating children in the same family. Some dental issues can span across generations and a family dentist can be aware of potential problems when treating younger patients if they are already treating older members of the family.

A family dentist can be even more effective and proactive in the family’s oral health care plan if they have a thorough knowledge of the family’s dental and medical history. A family dentist also understands the busy lifestyle of many families and will make every effort to schedule appointments together. Bringing the kids in for their dental appointments on the same day can be a huge convenience for any family.

What to look for in a Family Dentist:

1. Check out what others are saying about the dentist. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising. If someone has had a positive experience and found a favorite dentist they are typically very willing to share their experience and opinion with others. Check out what our patients are saying about us .

2. Look for a family dentist who puts the needs of their patient first. A key element to look for is a dentist who provides a very welcoming and pleasant atmosphere and spends the time to truly listen to their patients. On time appointments are also an important factor to consider. There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up for an appointment on time or even early and then having to wait an hour or more to see the dentist. A very quick wait time means the dentist cares about their patient’s time and also has a well-managed office.

3. A gentle approach to treatment and quality care should be of the utmost importance when looking for a family dentist. You will want to choose a dentist who is compassionate and gentle and does everything possible to ensure their patients are comfortable and at ease.

4. All too often, fear of the dentist can deter individuals from going to the dentist and receiving essential dental care and treatment. Another important consideration when looking for a family dentist is finding one that makes sure the patient is comfortable and who has treatment plans to allow for a nearly pain-free, positive dental experience.

A family dentist should be able to provide a full range of services such as preventive care, including cleanings, x-rays and in-depth hygiene treatment, periodontal treatments, restorative services and more. Orthodontics for some children and adults through Clear Correct is available through Ascent Family Dental.

Ascent Family Dental also practices cosmetic dentistry which is now very popular in today’s society. Everyone desires that beautiful, sparkling smile that can really boost your confidence, self-esteem and virtually take years off your appearance. Yellowed, dingy teeth are becoming a thing of the past with so many options now available in teeth whitening. The great thing about having Dr. Scott Williams as your family dentist is that he sits down with you and develops a comprehensive treatment plan that is effective as well as affordable, based on your needs and desires.

One of the best choices you can make for your family is selecting a family dentist dedicated to providing excellent oral and dental health care for the entire family. Ascent Family Dental is a family practice that is committed to serving the Greeley community and offers personalized service and quality affordable dental care in an extremely friendly and welcoming environment. Give Dr. Williams a call to schedule an appointment and discover for yourself why many consider him their Greeley family dentist.


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