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Painful Dentures is a Common Problem Associated with Loose Dentures

No more painful dentures Denture pain is unfortunately something that may be experienced at one time or another by all denture wearers. Thankfully it can often be corrected quickly and easily with the help of your denture dentist. One of the most common reasons for denture pain is because the dentures are not fitting properly. Dentures are intended to fit comfortably and snugly against the gums without shifting or moving around. Loose fitting dentures may slide or shift around in the mouth rubbing against the gums. This can quickly result in sore, swollen and irritated gums and wearing dentures can become extremely painful if left untreated.

There is typically a period of adjustment for new denture wearers after getting a new set of dentures. Immediate dentures are inserted right after the teeth are extracted before the gums have had a chance to heal. The gums and bone supporting the teeth reshape during the healing process which will cause the dentures to become loose requiring one or more adjustments during this time to ensure a proper fit. Adjustments may even be needed with conventional dentures, which are inserted after all of the tissues have healed, so it is extremely important to visit your denture dentist in Greeley if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Painful Dentures May Be a Result of Bone Loss

Long time denture wearers may begin to experience a change in the way their dentures fit at some point due to normal wear. Also, as we age our mouth undergoes natural changes just like every other part of our body. The boney ridges under the soft tissue (alveolar ridges) become smaller over time due to gradual bone loss. This process occurs in everyone in varying degrees over time. As the bone in the jaw shrinks in size, which can happen over a period of years without you even realizing it, a properly fitted denture may begin to loosen and shift against the soft tissue causing chafing, soreness and extreme irritation and pain. Continued rubbing of dentures against the existing bone can also accelerate bone loss.

Bone loss appears to be a more progressive condition for denture wearers. Bone is stimulated by the tooth roots to maintain its strength, shape and density and without those roots for stimulation the bone will decrease in density and size over time. There are other contributing factors that can also result in bone loss. Gum disease, hormonal changes, certain medications, metabolism, teeth grinding, loose fitting dentures and even gender can have a direct effect on the rate and amount of bone loss. As a result, what were once properly fitting and comfortable dentures may end up causing great discomfort and pain if they are not adjusted to accommodate these changes occurring in the mouth.

Bone loss and poor fitting dentures can also have a significant effect on the soft tissue in the mouth. Residual effects of bone loss are changes to the gums. This soft tissue also decreases in size and shape. Overlying gum tissue actually thins out and is susceptible to sore spots. Complaints of painful dentures may mean that the dentures are moving freely against the gums, instead of fitting snugly, creating sore spots and irritation of the gums.

Temporary Relief from Denture Pain

There are some quick fixes that can provide some temporary relief; however, a visit to the dentist is necessary and the sooner the better. Removing dentures will provide your gums with some much needed relief and allow for healing. Practicing good oral hygiene is extremely important to remove bacteria and help prevent infection. Over-the-counter adhesives and creams can also help to provide a protective cushion between dentures and gums and will also help with slipping dentures. These are just temporary measures though and it is extremely important to contact your denture dentist and schedule an appointment to rectify the problem and maintain good oral health.

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Loose fitting dentures should not be ignored. Once dentures begin to slide or move and continuously rub against the gums, irritation, sores and swelling are often not far off. When sores develop you become more prone to infection and other health complications. Continuing to wear dentures without seeking help from your Greeley denture dentist will surely result in prolonged pain and may also make you more susceptible to infection and illness. Eating and drinking with sores or cuts in the soft tissue from dentures that no longer fit properly may also cause additional pain, especially if eating salty, acidic or spicy foods. Painful dentures are not uncommon for denture wearers to experience but with proper care and treatment it can be resolved quickly and dentures will fit correctly, be comfortable and can be pain free.

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