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Veneers and Your New Smile

Veneers are a permanent solution to improving the look of your smile. They cover the surface of your teeth to hide discolored, worn or misshapen teeth. In some cases, they are used to close the gap between teeth or repair a tooth that has been chipped. Veneers are bonded to your teeth using either an adhesive or cement. They are designed to look exactly like your natural teeth and are custom-made to fit your mouth.

Types of Veneers

There are a few different types of veneers to choose from, but your dentist can help you determine which one is the best choice for you.

• Composite Veneers
• No Preparation Veneers, like lumineers
• Porcelain Veneers

Among these three types, porcelain is by far the most popular. Its smooth and polished surface looks very much like your own natural tooth enamel. Not only that, porcelain is resistant to stains and easy on the gums.

The Treatment Process

Typically, the entire veneer treatment process will require two trips to your dentist’s office.

beautiful smile with veneers

beautiful smile with veneers

1. During the first visit, your dentist may prepare and shape your teeth using a dental hand piece. This will ensure that the veneers will fit over your teeth properly.

2. Once your teeth have been prepared, an impression of your teeth will be taken.

3. Temporary veneers may be given to protect the prepared teeth.

4. The impressions taken of your teeth will then be sent to a lab. Here, the impression will be transformed into a set of custom veneers. At this time, your dentist will also help you choose the proper color for your veneers so that they look as natural as possible.

5. During your second visit, the veneers will be fitted and adjusted if necessary. If the veneers fit properly and you approve of the color, your dentist will then use an adhesive or cement to permanently attach the veneers.

Things to Consider

In some cases, the veneers that return from the laboratory will not fit as intended. In this case, a second impression may need to be taken or a tooth may also need to be readjusted. Although it may be inconvenient, you want to ensure that your veneers fit and look just right.

Some patients feel a bit of discomfort or sensitivity during the first few days of having their veneers put into place. While this may be cause for concern, these incidents are rare and typically subside after a few days. If you do experience discomfort and it persists for several days, make an appointment to see your dentists as soon as possible.

There are some instances when a new set of veneers may feel a bit too tall. If this should happen, contact your dentist to discuss further adjustments.

Caring for and Repairing Veneers

Most porcelain veneers are not repairable. Therefore, it is important to avoid biting on small and hard items that may chip or crack the veneer. This includes fingernails, hard candies and pens. Chewing on hard ice is also not advised.

A night guard may be required if you grind your teeth at night or during the day. Night guards are made from flexible plastic and cover your teeth to prevent damage. As an added bonus, a night guard will increase the lifespan of your veneers.

It should go without saying, but it is important to remember to maintain a daily flossing and brushing schedule. This will prevent future cavities and keep your smile looking healthy and bright.

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If you are considering veneers, Ascent Family Dental can address any questions or concerns that you may have. While the process is simple and straightforward, veneers are better suited for some individuals and not recommended for others. Make an appointment with us today to see if you are a good candidate for veneers.

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